Everybody loves pizza.

At Fahrenheit LA, we REALLY love pizza.

DSC_2888 Pizza page - bring it on

We show it by using only the finest ingredients – everything that we put on our pizza dough (with the exception of our flour and Buffalo Mozzarella, which are imported from Italy) is either locally grown or made in California. 

That’s our cheeses, tomatoes, olive oil, and our vegetables.

Our sausage is made by a company in Vernon, CA – we took a tour there some time ago and the owner showed us the most beautiful pieces of pork being prepared for the making of their sausages. No filler.

Same thing with our pepperoni and our other Italian sausages.

There’s a wonderful company from Mojave that produces the best Goat-Cheese you’ve ever tasted in your life. Seriously.

Heck, even our oven was manufactured in California.

  • We believe that fresh food, unprocessed, is the best stuff we can put in our bodies.
  • We believe in supporting our local farmers and businesses
  • We believe in making the best pizza that we are capable of and exceeding your expectations – everyday!

Come visit us and you’ll see whose farm we’re grazing at that day.