Meet the Pizza Crew

Sporting their new favorite Tee’s…

DSC_2993 Meet the Pizza Crew

John McLellan is passionate about pizza. And life. And his lovely wife.

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I’ve loved making pizza, ever since I was a kid. I worked at a couple of local pizzerias in my teens, and I learned everything from how to make dough, spin pizzas in the air, provide the proper balance of ingredients, and cook each pie until perfection resulted. Even in the many years that followed, trudging along in Corporate America, I carried with me (in the back of my mind) the idea that I would someday open a pizza restaurant. That time is now, albeit in a different manner than I had originally imagined.

Fahrenheit LA fires up the most mouthwatering pizza in LA smlLos Angeles is truly the epicenter of a burgeoning interest in artisan and neo-traditional methods of making pizza. It is my goal to make the best pizza possible, utilizing the best and freshest of ingredients available, to cook each pizza with love and a commitment to quality, and to demonstrate warm and sincere hospitality to all of our customers. At Fahrenheit LA, “Love. Fire. Pizza…” is not just a clever tag line, but a true representation of what we believe and who we are. We look forward to serving up some love for you real soon!