“To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything else in the world” – Charles Dudley Warner, American Essayist


Indeed, fire – as elemental as earth, air, and water – holds captive our wandering eyes, imagination, and hearts whenever it burns in our presence.

Fire is the centerpiece of any camping site, the preferred mode of cooking for many a barbeque, and can even represent salvation for the backpacking traveler weathered by nature.

Fire harkens back to our primal nature, and speaks of a more austere and minimalist time in which the burning of wood represented not only heat and warmth, but was a signal that something good was cooking!

Fahrenheit LA embraces the past, but with a modern touch: our custom designed wood-fired brick oven reaches 800-900+ degrees, cooking pizzas in about a minute, but it is mounted on the back of a trailer, allowing us to provide you with authentic Artisan pizza right in your very own backyard!

Fire is Good. 


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